Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry xmas

3 30 am, can't get to sleep. been bumming around all day, wasting my life listening to sad music.

today's upload is from a band called Wolverines. I honestly know nothing about the band, except that I think they're from North Carolina or something, but I may very well be wrong. But I'll just let the music speak for itself on this one; 3 songs of well executed screamooooooo.

Woverines - 3 Song Demo

Mediafire :

Monday, December 22, 2008


again, no update in quite some time. but i've been a busy man. Recently got The Simpsons Season 6 on DVD, so I've been all over that on my off time.

Today's upload is one of my favorite albums ever. Ever. Ever.

SSLYBY is an insanely charming indie-pop quartet from the Midwest. I want to say Missouri? Who knows. When Broom was realeased a few years ago, Yeltsin was showered with praise by bloggers and indie critics alike, yet, sadly, I feel like they were too quickly passed up as just another "hype" band. They just recently released their second LP, "Pershing," of which I have a signed copy on vinyl, (couldn't go to the show when they played a few months ago, so my friend bought it for me and they all wrote me some cute things on the cover.)

Anyways, before I get too far ahead of myself, let's get back to the album. I always feel the best albums, such as Broom, have exactly 10 songs. No more, no less. That's definately the case with Broom. No filler; every song kicks in you the nuts, so hard. I can't talk about songs individually, because not one is better than the other, they're all beautiful pieces of lo-fi art in their own rights, and they compliment each other flawlessly in sequence.

In my mind, this is indie-pop perfection. These guys have a serious knack for melodies and instrumentation that'll stick in your head for weeks, even months on end. Front to end this album is killer. I can't kiss these guys' asses enough, I love love love them. Please download, then buy, BROOM.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Ok, first update in 3 months, fuck me. I'm seriously going to start posting more often from now on.

A lot has happened in the past 3 months, but today is actually my (18th) birthday. My good friend and band mate Tobi (check out the new F,W! song gave me a couple cds as my present. What a great guy. One of the them was from a French screamo band called The Third Memory.

I had honestly never heard of them before he gave me the album, but our friend has a label who helped but the album out a year or so ago. It's called "et de cela rien ne ressort," and let me tell you, it's really really fucking good. Seriously. A lot of these French Screamo bands admitedly follow a fairly Daitro-esque formula, which has drawn some criticism from Euro-Skramz fans, but these guys in my opinion blow even Daitro out of the water. This is intense, yet melodic hardcore with some emo-violence tendencies. The whole album is exciting and interesting all the way through, with frantic dual single-coil guitars and a shit-hot rhythm section to move things forward. I tend to focus on the drums a lot when listening to this type of music, and I was really impressed by the drummer here. He's insane. Very decent production for a DIY release, and the art design in the cd case is beautiful.

So even if you aren't a fan of French screamo, you should still check The Third Memory out, you will not be disappointed. I could keep ranting on, but you owe it to yourself to just listen. Download the album here, but if you really like it, please support these guys and buy somethigng from them too.

Download link:

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I'm a lazy piece of shit, sorry. Lately all I've been doing is playing Diablo 2 wtf. I started a Necro a few days ago, and now it's level 52 on Hell difficulty. I need to get a life.

Today's download is a fantastic rap duo from New York called Cannibal Ox.

The featured album, The Cold Vein, came out waaaay back in 2001 when I was still listening exclusively to Sum 41. OH SHIT DID I JUST SAY THAT? Anyways, it's been a while since these fellas put anything out, but they reformed this year so we can hope for a new LP soon. In the mean time, seriously wrap your ears around this album. Sick-ass flow behind trippy underground style beats, and the lyrics are absolutely mind-blowing.

Real hip-hop is still alive, thanks to the dudes from Can-Ox

Please do yourself a favor and listen:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Whats up, I'm tired. Fuck, Wolves! show Friday in Kaiserslautern, that should be a lot of fun. Recently I've been buying a lot of records from distros at shows and stuff, but my record player is broken right now. Damn. Tomorrow I get my drivers licence so I can finally drive here in Germany. Cool. Not really in much of a writing mood, so I'll get straight to today's download.

Charles Bronson - Discocrappy

C'mon, everyone knows Charles Bronson. Fucking great, fun, angry hardcore. The first half, at least, leans more towards the thrash/hardcore spectrum, but as you will listen, the second half of this discography is more or less what earned CB their label as a Powerviolence band. It's fun to listen to the progression of the band, you can hear them get much tighter and technical as the music goes on. If you don't have this, get it now. Classic shit; over 100 songs of all the material the band released, and even some unreleased stuff. Essential!

Download:Download - Disc 1
Download:Download - Disc 2

Saturday, July 19, 2008


the Fuck, Wolves! show last night didn't go so amazingly. I won't go too much into it, but it just wasn't good compared to other shows we've played. The meursault show, however, did go well.

So todays download will be the demos of my two bands. Hope you like them.

meursault 2007 demo :

Fuck, Wolves! CD-R demo:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

buRn ur b0neZ

Today I'm staying over Tobis house. We're gonna make some CD-Rs for Fuck, Wolves! I think we're going to make about 50 or so, with paper cases which will be spray painted from a stencil he's going to make. It should be a lot of fun. Stay tuned for that, and when the songs are recorded, (shitily) I'll post the demo up on here for download.

While I was in the States about a week ago, I visited a record store, Vintage Vinyl, in St. Louis. I'm not sure if they have a web site or not, look it up. Anyways, while they don't have much in the way of underground punk, (sure they had all the oldies; Black Flag, DK, ect ect) they made up for that in their astounding Jazz collection, and a few more modern indie bands. While I was there I got John Coltrane- "A Love Supreme", Against Me!- "As The Eternal Cowboy", Hot Watever Music (one of my favorite bands)- More Fuel For the Hate Game (14th pressing or something like that, haha) and Of Montreal-"Satanic Panic in the Attic." What I want to get at here is a somewhat new concept that I think is really great. Of Montreals record came with a paper insert with a code on it that lets you download the album for free because I purchased it on vinyl. While I lost this coupon somwhere at my friends house in the States, (FUCK) I applaud Polyvinyl Records for this move. While I support downloading music free of consequence whole-heartidly, I find this idea to be genious because, this way, I can buy records on vinyl for my home collection, and then use the download code for my computer and iPod (oh wait, that was stolen. FUCK.)

I'm not sure if other labels do this, but I think this should be a move towards progress be a move that all independent music distributers should partake in. I have some obscure 7"s that I would really like in mp3 format, and I cant find them on SLSK, which is lame. Also, check out Polyvinyls roster, they have some great bands, with a lot of indie pop (Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Of Montreal) and indie-emo (Braid, Joan of Arc.) Hot shit.

Also, if you ever happen to be in the St. Louis area (...) check out Subterranean Books. They're a great little indie book store packed full of interesting books and shit I wish I had the money to splurge on. I bought a couple books, but there were so many there I had always been looking for, or that just looked really cool. The dude working there was cool too, we had a little chat about Daniel Johnston, (he was wearing a "Hi, How Are You?" shirt) of all people.

There's actually some cool shit in St. Louis if you know where to look. I was even invited to join a nomadic group of hipsters. I politely declined, but just imagine what that would have been like.

Today's featured record is another one of my long-time favorites; Comadres "Burn Your Bones."

Shit, everyone knows and loves Comadre, but no one as much as me. I actually had the chance to play a show with them about a month ago. They were all super kind and humbling dudes with a nice sense of humor. Agh, great fucking band. Listen to this album right now, it does everything right: fast, catchy, smart, loud hardcore/screamo hybrid.

Download it here: